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+++ C3/DS Boney Grendels +++

Hello there! You've reached the download page for Creatures 3 Boney Grendels. This breed was simply a conversion from the Creatures 2 Boney Grendels released by Cyberlife, thus I do not claim this breed as my own. The genetics are based on those of a regular C3 grendel, with some very slight adjustments that will hopefully make them less likely to beat the stuffing out of your norns ;) I'm aware that there are problems with the grendels (detached heads/ limbs/ etc.) but I don't have any free time to look further into this, so you'll just have to make do with disjointed Boneys (sorry!).

For your convenience, the Boney Grendels have been packaged into an easy-to-use batch of eggs. Yay! Simply extract the *.agent file into your Agents folder (within the Creatures 3 or Docking Station directory) and the eggs will appear in the egglayer.

>Download the Boney Grendels

I have several mixed Docking Station grendels (normal/Boney mix) that I may put up some day. For now, enjoy your Boney Eggs ;)

+++ Grenadels! (On hold) +++

Yup, after long years of references to the beedable grenadels, one would wonder why they still did not exist. Until now. <cue music of some sort> ;)
Being quite unsure of what "beedable" meant, I decided to stick with a grenade-like creature. The result? This odd-looking thing:

That would be a full-grown male grenadel... it looks kind of like a keychain, hehe. I plan on making this into a complete breed, though I don't know which game it will be for. It'll probably for Creatures 2. A C3/DS version may show up if I'm feeling extremely bored. I'm hoping the sprites won't take too long, seeing as a grenadel wouldn't have any limbs, which will make my job much easier ;)

Progress Report:

  • May 28 -- Done the base grenade images for the adult stage
  • July 22 -- Exams are over and I'm bored, thus I managed to get a bit of spriting done. Just a bit though.
    I decided to change the eyes once again, since the old ones look very much like norn eyes (which is what I copied from ;)) I also wanted to be able to say that the sprites are 100% mine.
  • Sept 12 -- Status: Project on hold
    Procrastination hurts.... I haven't any time to work on the grenadels now, and I'm not sure if i'll ever actually be able to finish =(
    I did some side view sprites sometime over the summer, but nothing since. Haven't had much motivation to work on them, and now I don't have the time (nor motivation...). I hate having half-done stuff like this.. perhaps I'll manage to squish in some time for it every now and then.

If you've got questions/suggestions or wish to help out, please feel free to e-mail me =)

+++ HoloDeck -- Illustrated +++

This is something I've been wanting to pull off for a couple years now. I keep doodling and trying to plan out the pages, but I never get around to drawing up a good version. As it is, I don't think a finished version will be coming out any time soon. I did manage to work up a cover page though =)

>Cover Page
>Page 1 (Work in Progress)
>Page 2
>Page 3 (Work in Progress) And the rough version of pg 3
>Page 4 (Required screenshots from C1)
>Page 5
>Page 6 (Work in Progress)

I hope I'll be able to keep the rest of the drawings at a nice quality. I have difficulties drawing bodies though.... especially bodies in motion XD

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